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Update Time

Ok that didn’t take long. I spent most of yesterday trying to get a group and realized first and foremost I’m not very good. I’m sure I could practice and get better but something about this game makes me want to put all of my time into it, and I have to go back to work next week. I’m not sure I want to keep playing just on the evenings and weekends because half the time playing involves finding people to play with as I mentioned earlier.

The chicken-egg problem with arena rating has not changed. Not to mention there are no healers. I don’t mind playing heals and I have a priest I can level up, but like I said, the time commitment is always heavier than I remember.

I may update this post again if I start playing. In the meantime I’m going to finish my break by learning more three.js and making the cube on my website something a bit more interesting.

Original Post

It didn’t take too much convincing for me to buy in to the new World of Warcraft expansion. Pretty much all it took was watching a few streams and I wanted to try it. I played Shadowlands and tried to make a run at being somewhat competitive in PvP with an affliction warlock, but I am not the best player by any means. I also had trouble finding a BG team and arena partners. Maybe it would be different this time? I am not getting my hopes up, but it looks like the honor gear is probably good enough to get me where I want to go.

PvP Means People

My guild was almost entirely inactive, but I found a new one that claims to run PvP. I am a big fan of the rated battlegrounds, but the PUGs can be toxic, and I never had much luck organizing them myself. The truth of any multiplayer game like this is that you need to interact with other people, and I have found a lot of people that play this game are not people I want to be around. That is why I was happy to see the new social contract when I logged in for the first time. It boils down to this: Be a good person in the World because you’re interacting with real people and they have a right to be treated with respect, also don’t be an ass. To many, this is just another ToS to blindly click through to get to the game, but I think it may have an impact because a lot of toxic people will rebuke this as “wokeism” and close the game.

I have only just reached max level and started gearing up to get into the rated PvP content, so expect an update here on how.

The Campaign

I kind of rushed through the campaign quests because I only have a few weeks off and I want to get at least one or two other toons to max level. I was confused on the origins of these dragons and the proto-drakes, probably something I should know from playing WoW for so long off and on, but I was never good at following the lore.

I probably won’t get into raid content beyond the raid finder, and I don’t know if I will even have patience for that. I recall some difficult groups in the past, and I don’t really like raids that much anyway!

So. Many. Quests!

There are a ton of quests to do in the new areas and I want to do them all, which will probably take forever. I am also very distracted by all the dailies and events on the map so I’m not sure if I’ll get to much of anything between BG queues. I was very confused by some event on the map when I was in the city, but when I tried to check it it, the icon was gone. Maybe the timer had expired but it seemed to come back when I was in the city again.

Crafting and Professions

I was maxed on mining and herbalism before I stopped playing. The revamps to crafting seem really need. I decided to keep mining and trade herbalism for jewlcrafting. I am still digging in to the new crafting while gathering materials and leveling up each profession.


I have a 60 priest I would like to get to 70 next. I saw there is a route that can get from 60-70 in about 2 hours so I might give that a shot. It would be great to have a few options to choose from. I have a 53 warrior that is my next highest alt, but I may use my Shadowlands level 50 boost that I never used on a pally or something and see if there are any tricks to go from 50-60.

What’s Next

Expect an update to this post or a new one when I get geared enough for arenas and rated BG PUGs. If you’re reading this and want to do some arenas or you have a rated BG team looking for an affliction lock (and soon a priest, idk what spec yet haven’t looked at the new stuff!), hit me up on the fediverse or any platform listed on my contacts page

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