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Holy crap, I am so excited for this game. I had actually kept this game off my radar because I am not a fan of waiting forever for things to drop and inevitably get delayed, so to hear this game drops in September was a delightful surprise. I have hundreds of hours in Skyrim and I’m hyped to adventure through another Bethesda game, especially one in space!

Diablo 4

I started writing a longer post on this but I wanted to give it some more thought. I did want to mention that I’ve been enjoying some aspects of the game and I’m very curios to see what the first (or second depending on if you played/paid early access) balance patch looks like, especially for necromancer since that is the class I’ve been playing.

I just hit level 68 last night (I took some PTO to play like a goblin for a week 😊). I’ve already unlocked world tier IV, but I can’t hang quite yet. I feel like my gear has hit somewhat of a plateau and I haven’t had many upgrades since about 10 levels or so. I get 2-shot by a lot of mobs and without fully respec’ing, I’m not sure how to up my defenses.

Tears of the Kingdom and Why Watch Speedruns

I got my physical copy of the game which means I can play the 1.0 version which has all of the fun glitches. I started learning the Great Sky Island speedrun which has been very fun to learn so far. I’m taking my time with the rest of the actual game. I finished the main quest but I want to explore and finish all of the side quests, but I’m not sure when I’ll do that. Could be awhile from now given the other games I’m into at the moment and Starfield being just around the corner.

The any% route has gotten comfortably under 1 hour with runners pushing to sub 50 minutes! The amount of tech that has been discovered and the rate of discovery has been absolutely astonishing to watch. The other day I saw someone on the fediverse ask “Why would you watch someone else play a video game?” and I guess I would ask the same about sports. It’s really cool to watch people do something at a high level. I thought about replying but clearly that is not how I roll and I’d rather sub-post on them here instead 😅. In case they’re reading, or anyone with the same opinion, I encourage you to go to and search for a game you love or hate and watch the any% world record run. I bet you’ll find something about it you like.

Deaddit 🪦

I used to spend a lot of time on Reddit, and somewhat recently I started to again. I’m quite sad to see Reddit go out like this. The web is truly entering a horrifying phase of extreme clutter. With StackOverflow moving to allow AI generated answers, Twitter being completely garbage town, the alternatives are trying but currently lacking, I’m not super hopeful for the future of the web in general.

Hopefully, we will return to blogs and maybe we can use the IndieWeb to connect while owning our information? The problem I see with that is that it required quite a bit of technical knowhow. I’m not even sure my webmentions are working properly… Maybe we should just go outside 😔.


Not quite 750 words today but I’m writing hastily before work with only half a cup of coffee in me. Thanks for reading!

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