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Tears of the Kingdom Speedrun down to sub 1hr (spoilers!)

The game has only been out for a few weeks but the any% speedrun on pre 1.1.2 versions have already been routed down to sub 1hr (58 minutes even!). Versions before 1.1.2 have a few important glitches to cut down on time. First, it is very easy to duplicate materials in these versions. This allows the runners to grab a fairy after Great Sky Island and duplicate it to prevent dying for the rest of the run. It also allows runners to skip a difficult fall damage cancel glitch, and allows for another glitch later in the run which otherwise wouldn’t be possible because of large gloom patches (gloom does damage over time and if you stand on it too long you will die).

The next important glitch is calls auto build cancel slide, or ABCs. ABCs allows a runner to cancel an auto build with certain inputs that maintain the build but in a broken state. This build, usually two wide boards in some orientation, allows for extremely fast movement speed horizontally. Runners use this trick back on GSI after obtaining auto build to fly straight to Hyrule Castle Chasm. While auto build is being obtained, runners quickly craft a control stick with a fan and save it into their auto build favorites. When used during an auto build cancel, this build allows runners to clip through walls, skipping all of the decent portion down to the Demon King’s Army.

Unfortunately for the speedy ones out there, Gannondorf’s cutscene trigger doesn’t load until after the army portion. This does allow runners to farm some arrows, extra bows, and other weapons needed to finish the final fight so maybe it’s not so bad. I have not seen the 1.0.0 run yet, but that version can save some extra time by performing a glitch called zuggling. Zuggling essentially stacks multiple weapons in Link’s hand at once, adding extra damage depending on the amount of zuggles. Too many zuggles can break the game in some strange ways so 8-10 seems to be the sweet spot from what I have seen. The glitch is available in 1.1.1, but the special thing about 1.0.0 is that zuggled weapons work on Gannondorf. This has apparently been patched in the next version, but this one weird trick saves runners about a minute because Gannondorf can be defeated in 1 shot.

There have been some strategies found for the final fight as well. Multiple cores on the Demon Dragon’s back can be taken out with some precise shots from ruby loaded arrows. This looks really hard!

It’s been really cool watching people break the hell out of this game. If you want to watch some runs, go to and search for Tears of the Kingdom. The discord is full of passionate people hunting for glitches, finding new routes and strategies, and having a good time playing this game.

I have not tried any runs yet myself since I had auto updates on and I am on 1.1.2. There are routes and strategies for that version and the community is deciding what to do with the leaderboards, but I want to try the broken stuff so I have to wait for my physical copy to arrive.

Diablo 4

I am very excited to go full goblin mode and do nothing but play Diablo 4 for a week. I’m going to start with a Necromancer and see how it is since the open beta. I played Necromancer for the first open beta, and it was very broken and fun. I ended up getting a legendary that worked really well with corpse explosion and the blood mist ability that did some wild amounts of damage. I have a feeling this build might still be viable, but likely very much nerfed. I played a druid in the Server Slam but I was not super into it. I should’ve tried rogue or wizard again instead.

That is all for now, thanks for reading :).

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