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It has been a while since I wrote one of these. The last blog post I published kind of took some wind out of my blogging sails as the code formatting is broken on the deployed version of my site and I kind of gave up trying to fix it. I’ll probably move the code portion of that post to a gist or something and try to fix the underlying issue later, but it made me realize that there’s always another part of the JavaScript bundling that I don’t understand, this time when it comes to code running on the edge.

Dactyl Manuform Might Change my Life

I bought and built a Dactyl Manuform kit (an ergonomic split keyboard) and it made me remember how much I like building stuff like this. I had been thinking of buying a 3d printer for a long time and this finally pushed me into it. I want to start building them and putting them up for sale. It would be really neat to start some kind of business this way. I’m really grateful for my employment and all of the things I’ve learned as a software developer over the last 3+ years, however I am a bit disillusioned with the way things are done. Not to mention all the layoffs in the last year have scared me a bit and to be honest, if I got laid off idk how long it would take for me to find a new job. Job searching sucks as I’ve talked about before.

So anyway hopefully I will be able to start building keyboards on the weekends and maybe set up a little shop and if it goes well I will go from there.

Drupal API Client Update

While I was technically a maintainer on the Drupal API Client already, it was actually not an official position; More of an accidental role change so that Pratik Kamble and I could resolve threads. That title is now official for myself and Pratik, as we have been shepherding along a good bit of the issues on the way to the vertical slice proof of concept which was published a few months ago, aka 0.1.0. A version or two has been released since and development continues. You can try out the base client (to be extended) and the json-api-client which is our extended version of the base api-client. npm install @drupal-api-client/api-client or npm install @drupal-api-client/json-api-client respectively.

Please come by the project page and check out the open issues. Feel free to hit me up via email, slack, or the Fediverse if you need help setting anything up or implementing anything, or have any questions. There is a fund for this project! Brian Perry, the lead of the project, is working on setting up an Open Collective for the project with the $10,000 that was received from the Drupal PitchBurgh contest. The project page has documentation outlining what we will do with the funds which includes paying contributors for their time, so please contribute so we can give some of this money away!


That is all for today. My cat, Smokey Muffins is laying between me and the laptop I’m writing this on and it’s becoming difficult to type with the weight of a cat on me. I hope you understand! Thanks for reading :)

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